Unattended, outdated, dirty homes, that demonstrate signs of abuse and lack of care sell for much less, attract “low ball” buyers and may sit on the market forever because they don’t qualify for a mortgage financing.

Our company offers handyman services in cleaning, fixing and giving a house a “facelift” just to an extend to allow it to “breathe a fresh life in” to provide for a successful sale. If necessary, we can also manage more serious projects, such as roof replacement, in order for a house to qualify for a mortgage financing as well. 

Best part, upon agreement, our services are paid at a closing. Your clients won’t have to pay a penny upfront! This is such a convenient program for clients who are not able to be present or have any spare time or money to get the property to a standard to sell successfully! Our services add value to the transaction!

Please feel free to contact us today! We don’t cut corners, adhere to our agreements, strive for excellence and truly believe in building life-long business relationships.