“Flip My Home” Program offers our “planning to sell” clients a very unique opportunity to partner with our company and completely remodel their home to maximize its value and get the highest price possible as if someone purchased their home and flipped it. We will pay for the entire renovation!

This is an ideal program for homeowners who can’t or don’t want to deal with all the hassle of renovations of outdated homes. Out of state homeowners love us, especially if this is concerned their second or third home that sat there empty for years.

Instead of just listing these houses for a nominal value and ending up selling for next to nothing to home flippers, why not flip it with us together and make far more than you would without participating in this program?

Don’t lose money! Let’s make a successful deal together!

How it works:
1. We meet and establish if your home qualifies for this program.
2. We agree on your home’s present value before the renovation.
3. We will present you our vision of a renovation, its costs, and the value that it will bring.
4. We sign a contract.
5. We renovate the house.
6. We list the house.
7. We sell the house for agreed price.
8. You get your original price amount before the renovation and whatever we made on top, we split in half minus costs of the renovation.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Not every home will qualify for the program.

Please feel absolutely free to contact us and discuss this incredible opportunity! Don’t let your house sit in the market forever! Why lose money when we can make it together!
Call us, text us, email us NOW!