Being in real estate sales since 2008, I can say one thing for sure – properly preped homes sell faster and generate higher returs! Home selling is a science. Every home is unique. Some need a coat of fresh paint, some require removal of illegally constructed bedroom in a garage, some need staging, some just a good scrubbing. 

Every home attracts a certain buyer which also must be taken into a consideration in order to do just right to avoid overspending on unnecessary improvements to meet the equilibrium of price and condition for a successful a sale.

Our team knows exactly what to do. The art is not to over do it but to do just enough to demonstrate a buyer home’s adventages and its potential. Most homeowners make the same mistakes due to emotional attachment to their home and just don’t see it as a buyer looks at it, addressing to wrong aspects that leads to waist of time and money!

Save your time and money! Leave to us! And remember! You don’t pay a penny until your closing!!! All our services are paid then!

Before starting any project we analyze the market ourselves, since we are also licensed real estate agents in Florida, and discuss our recommendations with you.

We look at home listing preparation with the eyes of a future buyer and taking in account everything to make your home stand out from the rest for a successful sale as well as for a buyer to enjoy for years to come. Your buyers will love the fact that you used our services because we don’t cut corners either – we strive for quality and excellence!

Referrals is our main source of business. We have no other choice but to perform well!

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